The Designer's specialise in manufacturing professional quality leather, polyester and canvas tool bags, pouches and accessories. Since 1989, we have been providing the production base to the top names in the industry with a product range that is designed both for the working professional and the HanD-I-Yman. Each piece is hand crafted by specialist craftsman using modern production techniques & equipment. Various materials are used and attention given to the minutest detail ensuring a high quality and tough product capable of taking the rigors they are likely to be put through.

With a captive in house capacity to produce 15000 sq. ft. of leather, daily, in our tannery, we are geared to meet the demands of the International buyer in terms of design, quality, quantity and delivery schedules. The flexibility of our production lines allows us to manufacture products as per the individual client's design with Private Branding. Our highly skilled team of craftsman and quality inspectors assures you of zero defect products matching your exact specifications. Our unstinting commitment to quality and deadlines has given our products a worldwide acceptance and endured us to the major buyers both in the Professional and D-I-Y segment.

Credits : Seigospace